Sand or Pressure Wash Before Staining a Deck?

If you’re thinking about staining your deck, you are probably figuring out all of the necessary steps. One part of the preparation is sanding or pressure washing your deck ahead of time. Which one should you choose though?

It’s important to note that both sanding and pressure washing your deck can get the job done. In short, you should use a pressure washer. The project will take much less time this way and your deck will hold up longer.

One of the main reasons that people use pressure washing instead of sanding their decks is that pressure washers work much more efficiently. As you can imagine, sanding your entire deck can be tiring and tedious. Plus, preparing your deck for staining is only a small piece of the entire project. You don’t want to waste time trying to sand it. Sanding takes a while, so it’s not really worth it, especially when there are other options.

Another reason to use a pressure washer is that it will be less destructive. Sanders can be rough on your deck, especially if the deck has already been treated with the method before. If you’re going to be sanding your deck every couple of years, you will notice that it won’t be in great shape. Your goal is to preserve your deck for as long as possible, and a pressure washer is better for that.

Pressure washers also have special chemicals and formulas that are designed to work on decks. These aren’t as readily available for sanding, so it just makes more sense to go with a pressure washer.

Overall, a pressure washer is the best choice for preparing your deck to be stained. It is gentler and better for the project. It will have your deck ready to be stained before you know it! For professional help contact Katy Pressure Washing Pros.